Sunday, March 2, 2008

Update in a nut -- I mean Acorn -- shell

Here's the end-of-February report from the Mighty Texas Oakes:

Jared got a promotion at Mary Kay, where he is responsible for their global community website presence as well as mobile device applications. He's also an official "yellow belly", which is a good thing when talking about karate. He passed his first belt test and is quickly moving on to orange.

Krista gets another trip through the MRI tube this week, so guess what the subject of our fast is today? :) If all goes well we get a break from chemo. She has been invited to speak at the Families Supporting Adoption conference in SLC in August, and she has also been asked to help make an adoption training DVD sometime in June, so heads up -- you may see us this summer!

Jacob turns seven on March 13th and we're celebrating with a Lego-themed party that weekend. He still gets 100% on every spelling test, and he beat his mom in chess the other day. He's our "little boy blue", having just earned his blue belt in karate, and after a few months of lessons he bravely played a prelude song on the piano ("Jesus Loves the Little Children") in front of the whole primary today.

Emma is a force to be reckoned with. She's the youngest in the family, but definitely the smartest when it comes to getting what she wants and charming the pants off of everyone in her midst. It's totally worth a plane ticket just to come out and see her sing karaoke with Jacob.

We head to Nauvoo in a couple weeks for spring break, staying with friends who own a house there and work at the Nauvoo temple. When we get back, Krista's brother Mike and his family will be moving back to the Dallas area from North Carolina. We're working on getting her other two brothers here, and then we'll be aiming our magnets toward the Oakes branch of the family tree!

Okay -- that's a big acorn shell, but now you're up to date!

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