Sunday, February 3, 2008

More Snow!

Today church meetings were cancelled because of the snow! I can't remember that ever happening in Utah before. The Bishop and some young Aaronic priesthooe brothers came and shoveled a trail from the road to the back yard where the Echo is parked. They did in a few minutes what it would have taken hours for us to do! We did a terrible thing--we forgot Matt's birthday--so busy and caught up in our own doings. But we hope you had a great day and we will talk to you soon and there will be something in the mail too. I wouldn't mind this getting old time. In fact my body feels younger than it did a couple of years ago. But, losing my memory is a real drag most of the time. But, when I forget I'm getting up in years, that is nice. I'm going to stake choir practice in just a few minutes--conference is in a couple of weeks and it's snowing again. At the cannery on days during family canning I lift many cases of canned food on to carts so they can be loaded into cars. I have done it for 2 weeks now and my back hasn't hurt at all. Did you see Presl Hinckly's funeral? His saying I liked best was "It's a miracle!" There were many miracles in the past 13 years. Oh how I will miss him! Time to go. I love you all so very much!
Pap here---I measured, about noon time today, the depth of snow from this last storm and the data was ofer five and one hapl inches, and that was at noon time and here it is five thirty and it hasw been snowing on and off all day.
At about one thisw pm the door bello rang and I answered the call and was greeted by our dear bishop who asked if he and the Aaronic ph boys could shover out the red car we parn in the covered area by the shop. Naturally I did not refuse their help as the snow for a couple of days had piled up to nearly one foot and it was heavy stuff. I had driven back there this morning to break a trail but it was covered over and now we have a scraped/shoveled drive way back to the car and out to the street.
Thanks Jared, and any others, for calling Mat on his B-day--he naturally appreciated the time to visit with y'all.
Today has not seened like the Sabbath as our meetings were cancelled and no fast/testimony meeting which has improved sinceour dear bishop read them the 'riot act' last testimony meeting and explained what should be encluded and what to leave out and after he bore his testimony the saints who followed were more testimonies than sermond and travelog than since I can remember and I missed being reaffirmed that his instruction had beend accepted.
Love Pops, daddy, ole man et al