Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If you live in Utah and get the Deseret News...

We would LOOOOOVE to get a newsprint copy of this:

Mormon Times Article


Some of our favorite moments from our 20th anniversary trip to Hawaii include...

A Good Japanese Restaurant in Waikiki:

Toes and books on the balcony overlooking Turtle Bay:

The ocean from our hotel room in Waikiki:

The Laie Temple: aka the "Taj Mahal of the Pacific":

(this was a still picture captured from a video, so we look like ghosts)

Morning rainbow from our hotel window at Turtle Bay on the North Shore: Jared, Krista, and "Rock" the tour guide at the Polynesian Cultural Center:
Watching the sun rise from our perch at Diamond Head:
Yay - Krista's book was on the shelf at BYU-HI Bookstore!

Hug at Hanauma Bay (it was safer than snorkeling at high tide):