Friday, May 23, 2008

Can't die from GBM yet...too busy

CNN asked people to put their brain tumor survivor stories on in response to Senator Kennedy's diagnosis. Here's mine -- check out the cute guy behind me:

The picture is actually a crop from my "graduation" picture taken in March, when I graduated from chemotherapy:

Jared and I are surrounded by (from left):

Nurse Elizabeth (who takes my vitals at check-in, and we always joke about whether to check my blood pressure before or after I get on the scale)

ME with Jared celebrating behind me, and my hands on Nurse Charlie's shoulders (Nurse Charlie is actually named Brenda, but she goes by Charlie. She's the one who administers my chemotherapy.)

Dr. Karen Fink (my amazing miracle-working neuro-oncologist, in the dark suit); and

Nurse practitioner Vanessa (in the white lab coat; she often does my neuro tests, so when I see her I immediately start counting backward from 100 by sevens)

...ah, the fun memories!

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