Monday, January 28, 2008

Too much snow

Especially for the Oakes folks living outside the snowy state of UT we have good news and some very cold spells to report.Yesterday the wind came up, yet the day was sunny, and was cold as could be- -it got down to 7 above last night and right now at seven-thirty pm it is bouncing around atg ten above, the wind blew out the pilot flame for the living room heater and try as I may I could not get it to stay lit long enough to start the heater heating co I went out to the shop and got my propane heater from there and lit it to warm the living room. Naturally with all the fierst wind--some places reported seventy mile per hour breeze---blowing the snow which lay on the ground softly from the last storm began to be re-distributed whereever the wind listed to take it. Bertween the front steps and the street we had a ridge of snow srift and thinking it to be soft when I went to post a letter to Krista I was surprised out of my wits- -there are less of them at my age than formerly--when I stepped up on the drift and it surported my weight and I walked across it as if it were a rock with a skiff of snow on top. A wierd sensation to say the least. We are heatinbg up the place tonight with hopes that it will not be too hard to stay ahead of the frigid outside which ahs a tendensy to seep in during the night. We set the thermostat on 66 and sleep snuggly in under the blankets. All our love to all of y-all and God bless everybody. Pops, daddy, old man et al

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