Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Thanks Jared and Krista for setting this up!

I finally figured out how to write and now you better watch out! It was great being at Becka's and having Matt and Reisers there too. Especially nice seeing our mostly grown handsome and beautiful and smart grand kids. We are so proud of them and love them dearly. Thanks for the food and hugs and talk and just being with each of you. We had dinner and played "apples 'n apples" with Nyleen and Miles and two other couples. It was at Nyleen's house and she did lots of work to make it special. That's how we saw the new year in. We wish each of you a wonderful new year, full of happy and healthy and wealthy and most of all spiritual blessings. What did you do on New Year's eve? If Matt stopped at our house on Monday we must have missed them. I would like to have visited some more with them. I'm going to get to bed earlier this year. That is my resolve and I have just been reminded of it and I must hurry not to be late. Thanks to each for the nice thoughtful Christmas Presents.
Much love,
Pop and Mom

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jon said...

Glad you two went out for New Years and had some fun. I went out with a fellow geriatric student buddy of mine and his wife, it was fun.