Thursday, December 27, 2007

Thanks, Jared!

Thanks for setting this up! Someday when I get some time (ha!) I'll add some stuff. We didn't even send a holiday letter this year.

We're just all keeping busy--me with work and piano lessons, and everyone else as students. Luckily, the three of them get a nice break for the season, which they are all using to do--surprise--homework! Alan just pulled a 4.0 semester, and is already preparing for the next one. Harrison did well too, and has a bit of time to pursue a few digital projects he's been planning, and recently read the last Harry Potter book in two days. Amanda completely aced her last math test (yeah!) and has had some fun at the neighborhood snow hills, doing physics tests for a school assignment, and sledding with her friends and brother too. She attended the girl's choice winter formal a couple weeks ago with the big teddy bear, Maple, that Jon gave her years ago as her date. (There was no one else she wanted to ask!) I'll try to post photos of her in her awesome D.I. dress later.

The snow kept us home on Christmas Eve (sorry Mom, Dad and Becca), but we enjoyed not going anywhere. We stayed home all day on Christmas too, reading, playing games, and eating. (Harrison and Amanda helped me make lasagna, two kinds of cookies, and pecan pie on Dec. 23.) It was a nice change of pace.

Anyway, hope you all have a happy holiday season!

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jon said...

You NEED to post Amanda's picture with Maple so I can get a copy. Amanda you a so gutsy, you're my hero! Props to Alan for the 4.0, geriatric school students rock! We'll show the whipper snappers what's what.